Coronagenes Study Registration

Have you heard about Coronagenes and would like to get involved? You can register for the study here.

Once registered we will email you more information about the study and a link to begin.

Registration of Interest

On the date picker select the year, the month and then day. Or type in the date (e.g. 17 Apr 1987)

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By registering you consent to the University of Edinburgh processing the information provided.

We are collecting this data for the purposes of registration of interest in the Coronagenes study. We will retain all data whilst the study continues to operate, unless at any point you request otherwise. If you would like further details on how we use your data, please visit our privacy policy at

* For the purposes of this research we are restricted to asking for sex assigned at birth with a binary choice. This is considered to be the most effective way to capture chromosomal sex, but we acknowledge it will exclude intersex people and could be perceived as discriminatory to trans people. This is in no way our intention.